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Маршрут «Тёмная Падь — Слюдянка

Krow’ Нostel находится в Иркутске. Иркутск находится в центре Сибири, в окружении невероятной и фантастической по красоте природы, а это – нужно Вам сказать, одно из самых «вкусных» мест для Вашего активного отдыха и фотографий. Чтобы это доказать, расскажем Вам о простом и популярном у «аборигенов» зимнем пешеходном маршруте через озеро Байкал. Доступен для всех возрастов и любой степени физической готовности: для наших гостей с Урала, Центральной России и Дальнего и Ближнего Зарубежья. Темная Падь – Слюдянка. Ледовый переход через Байкал (1 день, 19км) 8:30 — Старт Krow’Нostel до железнодорожного вокзала (15р.) 9:30 — Электропоезд Иркутск — Темная Падь (190р.) 12:00 — Начало пешеходного маршрута через оз. Байкал 17:30 — 18:00— Финиш на железнодорожном вокзале станции Слюдянка 18:10 — Электропоезд Слюдянка-Иркутск(190р.) 21:00 — Прибытие на вокзал г. Иркутска 21:30 — Возвращение в родной Krow’Нostel. Пешеходный трек: Темная падь – Ангасолка(спуск к озеру) 4км., Старая Ангасолка до Слюдянки по льду Байкала 15 км. Итого общая протяженность 19км. Во время перехода по льду Байкала можно и нужно! устроить пикник, устроить фотосессию, полюбоваться окрестностями и многое многое другое😊🙂😉 Заинтересовали?! Останавливайтесь у нас, в Krow’ Нostel, будем рады с Вами поделиться нашими туристическими маршрутами и закачать Вам треки! #пересечениеБайкала #ледовыйпереходБайкала #krowhostel #кроухостел#krowtravel #кроушале #krowshale #путешествуйскроутрэвел#жививкроухостеле #Baikal #travel #Irkutsk #живиинаБайкале

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To travel is to live

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give, to roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live.” ― Hans Christian Andersen

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Bike Rental

Dear guests. Now you can roam around Irkutsk on bikes that can be rented right here, at Krow Hostel. For more information about extra services that we offer at Krow Hostel, contact administration. KROW’ TRAVEL / KROW’ HOSTEL Ph. Phone: +7 9245 379 777 E-mail: Facebook: Viber, WhatsApp: +79245379777 Address: 9A Zvereva St., Irkutsk, Russia 664081 (Entrance from Litkin St)

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Spring in Irkutsk

Our city, unlike others, has an abundance of plants. Krow Hostel is surrounded by beautiful trees. The trees look especially beautiful in spring, when Apples trees and Bird Berries blossom.

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Malaysians with retro Volkswagens visit Krow Hostel

An interesting crowd recently visited our hostel – they were Malaysian travelers. Unlike other occupants of our hostel, they did not travel by plane or train; instead they traveled in retro Volkswagens. We hope to meet more tourists like this – polite and positive. We wish you a safe drive home!

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Performers from a dance festival at Krow Hostel

Over the winter holidays, Krow Hostel had the pleasure to welcome performers that participated in the Baikal Dance Camp and their instructors. The dancers came from Krasnoyarsk, Ulan-Ude and other towns around the Irkutsk Oblast. Throughout the week, the hostel was filled with joy and laughter. The youngsters enjoyed their stay with us: they met new friends and experienced new emotions. They trained passionately, every day, despite the soreness in their muscles. We would like to say a big thank you to the organizers of this festival, Denis Sniatinskii and Evgenii Sniatinskii. We wish you all the best at your new dance centre, Siberion.

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Athletes from Bratsk

Today Krow Hostel welcomed a group of athletes from Bratsk. The group arrived to compete in Judo. We wish you guys the best in your competition!

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Krow Hostel welcomes kids from a Christian school

Currently, a group from a Christian school in Ulan-Ude is staying in our hostel. Our friends are in Irkutsk for the first time. From early in the morning, our guide, Irina Viktorovna, guided our friends on an excursion around the city. She showed them temples and churches. The guests enjoyed their stay with us and showed an interest in history after interacting with artifacts from our own gallery. We are very happy to welcome our new friends and hope that we can leave only good experiences for them.

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Yakuts from Thailand

We recently welcomed two Evgeniia from Mirnov. They were in Irkutsk on transit, returning to their home city from a holiday in Thailand. While they were sun tanning on the beach in Thailand, the streets in Yakutsk were covered in snow. We drove them to the airport and wished them a safe travel home.

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